Move 362 DRW RIE


Interton Move 4 RIE Features

13 No Battery RIC Hearing AId

Made for Iphone

Made for Android

8 Channel Hearing Aid

Adaptive Noise Reduction

Adaptive Wind Noise Reduction

Microphone Noise Reduction

Feedback Manager Plus

Direct Audio Streaming

Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

Ear to Ear Communication

Tinnitus Sound Generator


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Interton Move

More clarity and comfort for even the loudest sounds. Good sound quality is a major factor in client satisfaction with their hearing aids.

A clean, distortion-free signal in a hearing aid is a crucial part of ensuring good sound quality for your clients. One major advantage of the new chip in Interton Move is the increased clarity of sound as collected by the microphones. Sounds at the loudest end of the hearing spectrum – up to 116 dB SPL – can now be digitally reproduced and processed by Interton Move, instead of being clipped or distorted. This cleaner representation ensures more clear sound quality. This is especially true for music, a signal that has a particularly wide dynamic range of soft to loud sounds. Music lovers can get more enjoyment from their favorite music.

Additional information



Bands / Channel

8 Channel

Battery type / life up to hours

13 No




beige, Black

Fitting dB upto

20-110 dB

Fitting type / Style


Hearing Loss Type

mild to moderate hearing loss, Mild to Moderate Hearing loss with / Sensori-neural Hearing Loss with Tinnitus, Mild to Moderate Sensori-Neural (S/N) Hearing Loss, mild to moderately severe hearing loss, Mild to severe hearing hearing loss, Mild to Severe Sensori-Neural (S/N) Hearing Loss with Sloping Loss/High frequency Sloping Loss, moderate hearing loss, Moderate Sensori-Neural (S/N) Hearing Loss, moderate to severe hearing loss, moderately severe hearing loss, Moderately Severe Sensori-Neural (S/N) Hearing Loss, Moderately severe to Severe Sensori-Neural (S/N) Hearing Loss, severe hearing loss, Severe Sensori-Neural (S/N) Hearing Loss, sloping hearing loss

Life Style

Actor/Actress, Class Room, Doctor, Factory Worker, Home Maker, Meeting, Mostly Quite Listening Situation, Music, Noisy Areas, Retired, Working at Call Centre, Working at Musical Band

Made for Android


Made for iphone




24 Months


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